Niles Municipal Court

Bond Schedule

Effective February 28, 2019, the Niles Municipal Court will accept surety bonds from qualified bonding companies. Listed below is a bond schedule. The complaining officer may raise the bond at their discretion. The complaining officer's Turn Commander can lower the bond recommendation on misdemeanor offenses.

Felony 1 Set by Court
Felony 2 Set by Court
Felony 3 Set by Court
Felony 4 Set by Court
Felony 5 $5,000.00 cash/surety/only +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 1 $1,000.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 2 $750.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 3 $500.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 4 $250.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Minor Misdemeanor $100.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
D.U.I. $1,000.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Fleeing & Eluding $1,000.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
No O.L. or D.U.S. $1,000.00 cash/surety/10%+$25.00 surcharge
Assault Set by Court
Domestic Violence Set by Court
Violating Protection Order Set by Court

Also, those individuals booked on a misdemeanor charge may be issued a summons to appear in Court on Tuesday or Thursday at 8:30 am. Those individuals who post bond can be scheduled for appearance at 8:30 am. on Tuesday or Thursday. Felony cases must be scheduled for arraignment the next Court Day.

Issuance of a summons is totally within the discretion of the arresting officer and can be done in misdemeanor cases only.

Qualified bonding companies, as of August 1, 2019, include;

#1 Are You Out Bail Bonds (330) 599-9408
A+ Bail Bonds (330) 259-7445
AA Worldwide Bail Bonding (330) 393-6663
AAA Accurate (614) 636-2245
AAAAA Big Cool Bail (330) 847-0516
ABC Bail Bonds (216) 696-4866
Ace Bonding (330) 399-6200
Acme Bonding Agency (330) 746-2130
All American Big Bob's Bail Bonding (330) 746-2245
Around the Clock Bail Bonds (330) 395-7777
B&B Bail Bonds (440) 232-2854
Bad Boyz Bail Bonding (330) 348-9652
Fast Bob's Bail Bonding (330) 395-3333
T-Bonds (440) 240-8714
Thomas Cool Bail Bonding (330) 240-3175
Felonies - cash or surety only until the initial appearance.
Misdemeanors w/ a warrant – bond will be stated on warrant.
Misdemeanors w/o a warrant – cash/surety/10%.
D.U.I. – license can be held until Court appearance.