Niles Municipal Court

Bond Schedule

Effective December 12, 2022, the Niles Municipal Court will accept surety bonds from qualified bonding agents. Listed below is a bond schedule. The complaining officer may raise the bond at their discretion. The complaining officer’s Turn Commander can lower the bond recommendation on misdemeanor offenses.

Felony 1 Set by Court
Felony 2 Set by Court
Felony 3 Set by Court
Felony 4 Set by Court
Felony 5 $5,000.00 cash/surety/only +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 1 $2,500.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 2 $2,500.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 3 $1,000.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Misdemeanor 4 $1,000.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Minor Misdemeanor $100.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
D.U.I. $2,500.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
Fleeing & Eluding $2,500.00 cash/surety/10% +$25.00 surcharge
No O.L. or D.U.S. $1,000.00 cash/surety/10%+$25.00 surcharge
Assault Set by Court
Domestic Violence Set by Court
Violating Protection Order Set by Court
Aggravated Menacing Set by Court
Menacing by Stalking Set by Court

Also, those individuals booked on a misdemeanor charge may be issued a summons to appear in Court on Tuesday or Thursday at 8:30 am. Those individuals who post bond can be scheduled for appearance at 8:30 am. on Tuesday or Thursday. Felony cases must be scheduled for arraignment the next Court Day.

Issuance of a summons is totally within the discretion of the arresting officer and can be done in misdemeanor cases only.

Felonies - cash or surety only until the initial appearance.
Misdemeanors w/ a warrant – bond will be stated on warrant.
Misdemeanors w/o a warrant – cash/surety/10%.
D.U.I. – license can be held until Court appearance.