Niles Municipal Court

Jury Duty

Prospective Jurors' names are drawn by lot. In most cases your service as a juror will be one (1) day only, and you will be called twice before your name is removed from the jury pool.

It is important that you call the Clerk's office, (330-652-5863), between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:30 pm. the day before your scheduled appearance to confirm that the trial is going forward. If the trial is scheduled on a Monday, please call on Friday.

The fee is $45.00 for each violation. Checks are not accepted.

Jury service gives citizens the opportunity to participate in the judicial process. Anyone requesting to be excused from jury duty MUST appear before the Judge on the morning scheduled, or have a medical excuse from your physician.

Please wear proper attire when reporting for jury duty. Casual business clothing is appropriate in the court room.

Please have with you any reports or paperwork you would like filed with the case. In addition, please complete the prosecutor's complaint form prior to meeting with the Prosecutor.

For your convenience parking spaces are located behind the safety-service complex and on the side of the building.

Payment for Jury Duty Services will be mailed to the jurors. Currently the rate is $10.00 a day.